Interview #4 & 5: Maria Cruz & Nicole Fulmino, Co-Founders of Team Charity -- How to Start and Grow a Successful Philanthropic Organization

While working full time they followed their vision and created the successful philanthropic organization, Team Charity.  They were both 24 years old.
What started in a company development class (Fundamentals of Fundraising) became a reality.  Nicole had an “ah-ha moment” and couldn't wait to share it with Maria, her friend and colleague.  Instantly, Maria was inspired by the thought of creating an org that would "act as a middleman, making it easy for busy young professions to volunteer and give back.  Part of the goal was to overcome the bad wrap that Gen Y had of not giving of their time or energy to service.  Maria comments that "Gen Y didn't feel like they were really needed or targeted to get out there and volunteer or give money."  As translators they were going to make the call to service clear.
"If we advertise correctly to Young Professionals they will give more."- Maria 
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WTF did “THEY” say about Gen Y ... is it true?

These characteristics are drawn from Bruce Tulgan’s book “Not Everyone Gets a Trophy.”  In the first chapter he notes what “experts” have claimed about Gen Y, then spends the rest of the book providing 9 ways to manage and develop this young generation.  He is an advocate for Gen Y.  (click below to get a copy)

What THEY say about Gen Y...
  • The most High Maintenance in the world.
  • Want to get promoted on their 2nd day.
  • Demand flexibility.
  • Want to share ideas early on
  • They think they know more than they know.
  • Majority of managers and employers think Gen Y has an attitude problem.


Interview #3. Ben Aronson: Making the Transition from Director in Corporate America to President in his Own Company (uncut)

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President - Tao Experience

Connect with Ben:

With clear cut focus and the ability to deliver solutions, Ben moved up quickly in corporate American and then followed his passion to create 2 powerful companies.  Today, he is a both a digital media guru and a music/tv innovator recognized and respected throughout multiple industries.  With Tao Experience, his new media production agency, he is helping his clients understand and reach a new generation of consumers.  With Break’N Through, his reality music competition show, he is giving unsigned artists the opportunity to shine.  Ben takes time with us to share thoughts on Gen Y, evolving media, leadership, and his path to success...this is one you don’t want to miss.


Interview #2. Arthur Adamski: How to Set & Achieve Goals with a Goals Expert

Arthur discussing his passion for luxurious cars and how he has been able to use goal setting principles to purchase many of his dream cars.  He also sheds light on his role as a partner in a promotions company.  He finishes with leadership principles that are relevant in today's society.  His ideas are simple, yet inspiring and anyone can learn a great deal from him...(click "read more" for his story and to watch the full interview)

Coddled...It could be a good thing

“Coddled;” does anyone know what that word even means?  Sounds like week-old milk that's been left out in the sun…not too pleasant for sure.  The truth is…coddled means “to treat indulgently or to baby.” has an interesting perspective on coddling, as shown in a 2008 article Quit Coddling Your Kids.  The author reams parents for being overly protective of their children, turning them into “mamby pamby whiners who feel they are entitled to only the best of what life has to offer.”  He goes on to give 6 suggestions of how to stop coddling.

This coddling thing is obviously an issue.  One of the first things experts say about GenYLs is...


Interview #1: Mark Dollar: Opened his own Recording Studio at 22 yrs old - now owns his own company and label - Accomplished musician/producer/songwriter

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     Mark is the uncommon success story.  Raised in the streets of Newark, NJ watching friends go to jail or getting killed, Mark made the decision early on to change his circumstances. 

    At 22 he opened his own recording studio and is currently the owner of ADSR Communications where he produces and develops upcoming artists internationally.  He is an accomplished guitarist, playing/touring with Akon, Christina Aguilera, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Britney Spears, among many others.  He is also a mentor and teacher at the School of Rock, where he works with approx 150 kids a week. ("read more" to hear how he did it)

    Surrounded by a musical family, he saw music as a way out.  Mark spent countless hours practicing and perfecting his craft so he would be prepared for every opportunity.  


We All Need Somebody

As the ball dropped, ringing in 2011, I sat down at my computer and wrote the words “Generation Young Leaders” or simply GenYL, which combines the two most common names for our generation “Gen Y” + “Millennial.”  I'd found a name and it sparked an adrenaline rush.   2 days later I jumped on a call with my dad, a retired full Colonel in the Air Force, to get some words of wisdom.  Less than a week after that, I opened my mailbox and found a 5 page hand written letter from my mom.  The significance of this letter has more meaning than anyone can imagine.  You see, my mom has Parkinson’s and writing can be a very consuming task for her.   Yet she took the time to hand write 5 full pages of ideas, principles, suggestions, stories, comparisons, and her love for her son poured out...