Interview #2. Arthur Adamski: How to Set & Achieve Goals with a Goals Expert

Arthur discussing his passion for luxurious cars and how he has been able to use goal setting principles to purchase many of his dream cars.  He also sheds light on his role as a partner in a promotions company.  He finishes with leadership principles that are relevant in today's society.  His ideas are simple, yet inspiring and anyone can learn a great deal from him...(click "read more" for his story and to watch the full interview)
From a childhood dream to reality, Arthur collected car cards as other kids were collecting football and baseball cards.  He talks about his first car (Mitsabishi 3000 GT VR4) he bought and how he had a card of that car in his collection that he used to look at and say “one day, I’m going to get that car.”  He has used the same principle to continue to fulfill his dreams.  He just bought a 2011 BMW 550 after having driven his 2010 BMW M3 and deciding he couldn’t drive a sports car around for daily use.  His ultimate goal is to own his own garage and custom build a Toyota Supra. 

How he does it...
   Know/Define what you want.
   Set your goal - make it clear and visual (background of your laptop, cards, draw it out, etc.)
   Sacrifice - he had to give up some things short-term for the long-term goal (working on Friday and Saturday nights when all his friends are out partying).
    Detail oriented - comes up with a clear plan of action (know where you are spending your money, so you know how to cut back).
   Confidence - know you are going to have it without a doubt.

Arthur is a partner for a promotions company.  He started with a facebook group doing outdoor events (paintball, snow tubing, skiing, etc.).  Then it turned into night events and was approached by several night clubs to promote parties.  Now he is expanding their website to attract more people.

How he does it...
   At the beginning it was very one wanted to come.  You have to keep going and persist through the rejection.
   Do what others are interested in.

Leadership thoughts
   When asked how do you influence others (e.g. to come to events) Arthur says:  you have to pay attention to others.
   Pay attention to what people around you want and need.
   Show you actually care and engage them.
   Take a personal interest.
   Take the Risk
   Set your goals
   Start something - if you have an idea - put it into action
   Keep it going - don’t give up.
   Learn what others have to say - take their ideas and combine them with your own to be successful.

Thanks again Arthur!  You can catch up with Arthur on facebook at Arthur Adamski.

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