Interview #1: Mark Dollar: Opened his own Recording Studio at 22 yrs old - now owns his own company and label - Accomplished musician/producer/songwriter

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     Mark is the uncommon success story.  Raised in the streets of Newark, NJ watching friends go to jail or getting killed, Mark made the decision early on to change his circumstances. 

    At 22 he opened his own recording studio and is currently the owner of ADSR Communications where he produces and develops upcoming artists internationally.  He is an accomplished guitarist, playing/touring with Akon, Christina Aguilera, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Britney Spears, among many others.  He is also a mentor and teacher at the School of Rock, where he works with approx 150 kids a week. ("read more" to hear how he did it)

    Surrounded by a musical family, he saw music as a way out.  Mark spent countless hours practicing and perfecting his craft so he would be prepared for every opportunity.  
     He believes success and happiness is right in front of you at all times, you just have to be willing to grab them wholeheartedly.  He didn’t let a day pass without being productive and moving his dreams forward. 
 Mark’s word of Wisdom:
·         It's not how long it takes; it's about how much you want it.
·         Immerse yourself in your passion
·         Don’t settle for anything less than the best you can give
·         Learn from those around you – especially the people doing what you want to do
·         Take command of each situation you are put into
·         Learn to gauge what other people are going through, so you can help them get what they want
·         Involve others in your goals
·         Life is all about how you perceive it
·         Visualize yourself in your dream life, then do whatever it takes to grab it
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