WTF did “THEY” say about Gen Y ... is it true?

These characteristics are drawn from Bruce Tulgan’s book “Not Everyone Gets a Trophy.”  In the first chapter he notes what “experts” have claimed about Gen Y, then spends the rest of the book providing 9 ways to manage and develop this young generation.  He is an advocate for Gen Y.  (click below to get a copy)

What THEY say about Gen Y...
  • The most High Maintenance in the world.
  • Want to get promoted on their 2nd day.
  • Demand flexibility.
  • Want to share ideas early on
  • They think they know more than they know.
  • Majority of managers and employers think Gen Y has an attitude problem.
  • Parents too involved
  • Grew up constantly supervised, coached, and rewarded for their behavior...
  • High expectations-how is this beneficial for me now and in the future?
  • Last supervisors were their parents- treated them like EQUALS! 
  • Most difficult to manage yet.
  • Don't want to pay their dues and climb the ladder.
  • 17 changes by the end of day 1.
  • If u don't supervise them closely, they may go off in their own direction.
  • Negative feedback could crush moral.
  • They think they deserve a trophy just as they did growing up.
Do you agree with this characterization?  Tell us which are accurate/inaccurate and why.  

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