Interview #16: Dr. Kevin Brennan - “Psychologist to Young Professionals”

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Clinical Psychologist, Partner at Behavioral and Neuropsychological Consultants, LLP  
Practices in both NY and NJ
Chief contributor to Your So-Called Life: A Guide to Boys, Body Issues, and Other Big-Girl Drama You Thought You Would Have Figured Out by Now
Contributed to online magazines, print magazines (Time Out New York)
Psychological expert on the THRISIS
Regularly holds speaking engagements for young professionals and seminars for businesses for their YP workforce.
Connect with Dr. Kevin:
Dr. Kevin is officially the coolest, most insightful psychologist in the northeast region.  His practice focuses primarily on helping young professionals navigate through life’s toughest questions about relationships, career, passion, purpose and more.  He differentiated himself early on by going directly into a doctorate program when his peers were settling for a masters and “seeing what happens.”  He then took a unique path by accepting a full time position instead of simply doing “post doc.”  Then he applied for hospital administration positions before being licensed.  These few steps helped him stand out from the crowd and become a sought-after psychologist in his industry.  By carving out the young professional niche, he has positioned himself to make a real difference for the new generation.  He takes a few minutes with us to shed light on the most common issues we are all facing and helps us understand life in a completely different way.  Listen to the interview and then visit Dr. Kevin’s site to start answering questions like: How do I take action when there is so much fear?  Can I really be a leader?  What is my passion in life?  Is this my career?  Why do I feel like this?  Do I need therapy?  What is therapy?  How do I find Mr./Mrs. Right?  Is he/she the one? I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life; is it too late?  How do I change my bad habits?  Dr. Kevin is the leading Psychologist who can help you find these answers.  Click Read More to watch the full interview and check out our 
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What It Means to be a Gen Y Leader

By Rebecca Thorman
This post was originally published at Employee Evolution.
Update: You can also find the post at
The Industry Radar.
It’s a myth that the workplace is turning into one big leaderless state. Just as decisions made by committee often require head banging, life without leaders would be one big headache. Yes, leadership has changed and decentralized organizations are here to stay, but there will always be leaders. We want success. We want to win, and winners have leaders.
Once you’ve tossed aside the crutch of hierarchical authority though, “knowing how to build relationships, use influence and work with others is crucial to achieving the results you seek,” according to Valeria Maltoni, a specialist in connecting ideas and people.
A Generation Y leader inspires by enabling others to be leaders...

Top 5 Traits of Gen Y Leaders

Ethan Lyon | Originally posted Jun 29, 2009 on Sparxoo

segmenting gen y digital and entrepreneurial leaders into traits
By Tara Lane, Emerging Leader
Generation Y has been estimated to include around 70 million tweens, teens, and twentysomethings—far greater in number than Generation X. There are a select handful of influencers—leveraging new technologies coupled with profound compassion—sparking new product / service trends and political movements. They are highly aware and receptive to the messages constantly bombarding them. They know their place in the world, what they want and what they need to live up to. We have analyzed many Gen Y leaders and identified five distinctive traits:


Interview #15: Matt Cheuvront - Living Life Less Restricted

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Co-Founder and Chief Web Guru @ Proof Branding Inc.
Founder of “Life Without Pants” blog
  • Worked as Field Account Coordinator/Mgr for The Buntin Group
  • Internet Marketing Developer for North Shore Pediatric Therapy
  • Then decided to start his own marketing/advertising firm called MattChevy
  • Joined with Sam Davidson (founder of Cool People Care) to create Proof Branding.
  • Life without Pants
Connect with Matt:
Matt Cheuvront joined corporate America right out of college, but always knew there was something more for him.  He started a simple blog to share some thoughts about life, and has now grown a following of several thousand people.  Life Without Pants depicts a world with less restrictions and encourages out of the box thinking; just the way Gen Y likes it.  While still working in corporate America, Matt took freelance projects as a web designer with friends and family.  He began making more money on his own, than in his job.  When his company unexpectedly fired him, Matt decided to take the opportunity to start his own web design business.  He wrote a blog post the next day entitled “A Slave for the Day Giveaway” and received hundreds of responses.  This was the start of his first company - MattChevy.  He could only do so much as MattChevy so in late 2010 he collaborated with Cool People Care founder Sam Davidson to launch Proof Branding - a full service agency (design, social media, marketing, etc.).  He has found that collaboration can be very rewarding.  Matt is a humble guy who appreciates the support of his followers.  He has a lot of great insights and is one to connect with - no matter who you are. 

Top 10 Takeaways from Our Interview...


Interview # 14: Amos Winbush III - Recording Artist Solves a Problem and Ends Up Creating a Company with 2011 Project Revenue of $89 mil in only its 3rd year.

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Founder and CEO, CyberSynchs (syncing your data across all platforms - awesome!)
Inc. Magazine’s “30 Under 30” - Coolest Young Entrepreneurs
Black Enterprise’s “Innovator of the Year” 2010
Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” 2010
Connect with Amos:
Twitter - @cybersynchs
Before being named as one of the top young entrepreneurs in America, Amos was following another passion; music.  For years Amos Winbush III was writing and recording music, building a successful career opening for the likes of Erykah Badu, Joe and Carl Thomas, and others.  Much like many young leaders, he was following a passion and finding great success.  By chance, one day his smart phone died and he lost all his contacts and data.  That night he went to sleep frustrated and irritated that there was nothing he could do to retrieve them.  He awoke the next day after experiencing a remarkable dream about this capablility to sync all of his data on all of his gadgets at anytime, thereby never losing another piece of info again.  This dream was so vivid, the vision was so real, that he sprung into action immediately - one of the main characteristics of a young leader - action!  He began researching and found that no such technology existed.  Not being from a technical background, Amos knew he needed help in creating this technology.  He put an ad on craigslist and within 2 months of his original dream, Amos was working with his new CTO and several programmers to create the beta version of what is now CyberSynchs flagship product.  A few months later, at a conference where he was presenting the demo product, he was approached by executives at Sun Microsystems.  That presentation landed Amos a partnership with Sun and he has been expanding their market penetration ever since.  In 2009, CyberSynchs had $2 mil in Revenue.  Amos is projecting $89 mil for 2011.  A vision with calculated action behind it is now inspiring young leaders across the globe to dream big.  You’ve got to watch the full interview.
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Interview #13: Kyle Lacy - Personal Branding and Twitter Expert Helps Others Succeed

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Author - “Twitter Marketing for DUMMIES” and the newly released “Branding Yourself: How to use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself(Click on the links to view details & buy the books)
Founder of MindFrame (previously Brandswag)
Blog has been featured on the AdAge 150, Wall Street Journal Online and ranked on over five global blog lists

Connect with Kyle:
Twitter - @kyleplacy

Kyle Lacy is a dynamic young leader, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and social media expert.  With a fun, laid back attitude he has built a strong personal brand that is worth emulating.  Coming out of college Kyle created his own marketing and social media company called Brandswag.  Once he realized how valuable his knowledge base was for others, he and his business partner Brandon Coon created a social media boot camp.  This helped him land the book deal for “Twitter Marketing for Dummies.” Since then he has been regarded as a top name is social media and personal/corporate branding.  His views and insights are unique and refreshing.  He is now a Principal at MindFrame and is blogging daily on his popular  Check out the full interview to learn some great social media tips and hear how he became a successful young leader.

Interview #11 & 12: Kassidy & Ryan Brown - Journey of Action: Inspiring a Generation to Social Change

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Co-Founders of Journey of Action (
  • Traveling from Alaska to Argentina over  6 month period filming and creating webisodes of young (Gen Y) social activists affecting change both locally and nationally...This is a 14 country tour with 11 stops in the US.
  • Part of Fast Company's and Planet Green's Change Generation
  • TakePart featured their webisodes
  • Good and Huff Po also featured Journey of Action
  • sponsored by Timberland in the US
Connect with Kassidy & Ryan:

Ryan and Kassidy Brown are the brother & sister power team focused on “entertaining, educating, and inspiring social activism within the Millennial Generation.”  Just speaking with them for a few minutes, you can feel the passion for their mission rushing through their veins.  From an idea to quick action Ryan and Kassidy began building relationships and an itinerary for the journey.  They took time to be 100% prepared before they presented the Journey of Action to potential sponsors.  When the time came, they targeted companies, with Timberland being one of the top choices, and landed the sponsorship.  Ryan and Kassidy have just come off their 11 stop US tour and stopped by with Generation Young Leaders to share what they’ve learned thus far and give some tips to up and coming leaders.


Interview #10: Jason Metz. Straight to the gut, candid advice from a Seasoned Entrepreneur, Producer, and Corporate VP

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President & CEO:
Le Mas Ent. 
Creator and Producer: 
To Be A Star” Reality TV series).
VP Client Strategy and Business Development:
Javeline, Inc. (Experiential marketing/production firm)
Connect with Jason:

Jason is a true renaissance man.  He has started 6-7 businesses and is also impacting at the corporate level as well.  He recently created the soon to be released reality TV show “To Be A Star,” giving young aspiring artists the training and connections needed to make it in entertainment.  Jason is constantly traveling, meeting with clients to strategize their branding position, marketing campaigns, overall business model, and more.  His clients include Proctor & Gamble, Bacardi, MTV, Forever 21, among others.  Jason believes in self-advancement above all and encourages young leaders to apply for positions they may not be qualified for so they will be challenged to stretch their talents to new levels.  He is confident that we should constantly strive for the next rung in life, all along developing new skills at every opportunity.  Jason looks forward to tomorrow, but doesn’t over-analyze the possibilities.  He shares powerful tidbits and more in this value-packed interview.


Interview #9. Kyle Jasey: Tells You How 1 Break Can Launch Your Entire Business - and How to Prepare for It

Watch a quick preview - Awesome story of how Kyle got his first break with College Flavor
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Founder and President:
College Flavor Inc. ( - sells t-shirts and posters geared towards college age demographic - over $100k in annual sales)
Connect with Kyle:

From Public Policy major to Business Owner, Kyle took a killer idea and launched a successful business.  While at Duke, he stared at the movie posters on his walls one day and thought... "I can create a poster better than that!”  He approached a close friend about the idea and within months College Flavor was born and Kyle and his partner were selling their own creative, hilarious posters and t-shirts to fellow students.  Learn how to take an idea and put action behind it.  Learn how to find someone who is doing what you want to do and land a meeting with them.  Learn the pros and cons of LLC vs. C/S Corp.  Learn from a young leader who has over $100k in sales and is now launching his 3rd company.  Watch the preview and then click "read more" to see the entire interview.

From Bud to Boss - A Book Recommendation from a Leadership Expert

A Book Recommendation and Some Really Good Advice | Achieving Business Excellence by John Spence

Articles Worth Your Time

Thought these articles were interesting:


Interview #8: Victor Ng: How to Grow a Sustainable Small Business from an Expert Business Launcher

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Tonic Concepts ( - EZ-Pass covers)
YB Data Retrieval (Wholesaler of Foreclosure Data)
City Standard Data ( - Title Search)
Connect with Victor:

Victor started out working for someone else and within 2 years was ready for ownership.  He had the courage to start his own business at 24 years old.  He saw the opportunity for a second business and seized it.  He has now been running both businesses successfully for over 4 years.  Now with a third business under way, Victor gives us some tips on building a strong business with high barriers to entry.

Secrets to Enabling Others as a Young Leader

Originally published by Ilya Zinenko of Good 2 Work

Rebecca Thorman speculates on peculiarity of being a Gen-Y leader on the Employee Revolution web-site:

--It’s a myth that the workplace is turning into one big leaderless state. Just as decisions made by committee often require head banging, life without leaders would be one big headache. Yes, leadership has changed and decentralized organizations are here to stay, but there will always be leaders. We want success. We want to win, and winners have leaders.

10 Ways Generation Y Will Change the Workplace

Published by Ryan Healy on May 23rd, 2008 on Employee Evolution

There's no doubt that Generation Y will fundamentally change corporate America. It's already started. Managing Gen Y is the hot topic among consultants, Human Resource executives and talent management professionals. For a Gen Yer like me, this is great news.

We have a voice, and we have the ear of the decision makers. Not bad for a group of lazy, entitled, twentysomethings. We've learned the importance of balancing work and life from our overworked parents, and we've watched our older siblings and cousins struggle with their baby boomer bosses who refuse to retire. Now we're primed to change the workplace for the better. Here's how we'll do it.


Interview #7. Jonathan Collazo: Turning a Vision into Hard Work to Build Up a Strong Local Community

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Part Owner at Eylor Lendez
Business Manager at Hope Center Arts
Founder and adviser of the Urban Entrepreneurial Council 

Freelance Business Counselor

Connect with Jonathan:
Twitter: @JonColla

One of the most passionate, well-spoken young leaders around, Jonathan Collazo is working hard to affect positive change in his local community.  A business and social entrepreneur, Jonathan is using his leadership abilities and unique innovative mind to empower the city of Newark, NJ.  As a member of the Urban Entrepreneurial Council (UEC), Jonathan is working to shift the perspective of Newark to a growing city filled with possibilities.  Using the arts and mentorship programs, Jonathan is finding much success with this vision.


Interview #6. Daniel Akivis: Creating and Leading a University Organization

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Co-Founder of Rutgers Aggregate Capital Management - leads approx 30 people - the org is a group-based approach at tackling practical financial tasks, trade modeling, and risk management.
Daniel's advice to young leaders includes:

  • Learn Presentation Skills and how to articulate an idea
  • Find a passion and a vision
  • Work hard and understand the big picture (esp in an organization)
  • Immerse yourself in your passion and become an expert
  • Differentiate yourself - create someone new to get yourself noticed
  • Learn how to talk to many different types of people - get in front of people