Interview #6. Daniel Akivis: Creating and Leading a University Organization

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Co-Founder of Rutgers Aggregate Capital Management - leads approx 30 people - the org is a group-based approach at tackling practical financial tasks, trade modeling, and risk management.
Daniel's advice to young leaders includes:

  • Learn Presentation Skills and how to articulate an idea
  • Find a passion and a vision
  • Work hard and understand the big picture (esp in an organization)
  • Immerse yourself in your passion and become an expert
  • Differentiate yourself - create someone new to get yourself noticed
  • Learn how to talk to many different types of people - get in front of people

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Word Association:

  • Structure or Flexibility (Flexibility)
  • Work or Life (Life)
  • Talk or Listen (have to have a bit of both - listen, but also be assertive enough to lead when needed)
  • Plan or Do (Do)
  • Leader or Manager (Leader) 
  • Facebook or Twitter (LinkedIn)

Watch Daniel's full interview to learn how he created the organization and what he is doing to prepare for his role in corporate America.

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