Interview #10: Jason Metz. Straight to the gut, candid advice from a Seasoned Entrepreneur, Producer, and Corporate VP

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President & CEO:
Le Mas Ent. 
Creator and Producer: 
To Be A Star” Reality TV series).
VP Client Strategy and Business Development:
Javeline, Inc. (Experiential marketing/production firm)
Connect with Jason:

Jason is a true renaissance man.  He has started 6-7 businesses and is also impacting at the corporate level as well.  He recently created the soon to be released reality TV show “To Be A Star,” giving young aspiring artists the training and connections needed to make it in entertainment.  Jason is constantly traveling, meeting with clients to strategize their branding position, marketing campaigns, overall business model, and more.  His clients include Proctor & Gamble, Bacardi, MTV, Forever 21, among others.  Jason believes in self-advancement above all and encourages young leaders to apply for positions they may not be qualified for so they will be challenged to stretch their talents to new levels.  He is confident that we should constantly strive for the next rung in life, all along developing new skills at every opportunity.  Jason looks forward to tomorrow, but doesn’t over-analyze the possibilities.  He shares powerful tidbits and more in this value-packed interview.

What is the one piece of advice you have for young leaders?
2 pieces
  • “Collect people” - develop a strong network - even though you may not be able to work together now, surely in the future an opportunity may come up for collaboration
  • (This may not be popular) Your loyalty in Corporate America should be (in order)
    • Yourself (look out for #1)
    • Your co-workers
    • Your clients or customers
    • The company itself
      • Companies can release you at anytime, so it’s in your best interest to watch out for yourself.  
You are going to work for 7-8 companies in your life if not more.  Look for companies that can teach you something new - you don’t have to picture yourself working there forever.  Pick up different tools and skills along the way to become a better you and then move on to the next opportunity.
What are some of the keys to your success?
  • Prospective is important
    • Helps to keep calm and focused on what really will make a difference in the future.
    • Get rid of the crap and focus on priorities
Jason’s Path to Success...
How many businesses have you owned? 
  • 6-7
  • My current business - Le Mas Enterprises (To Be A Star - watch Jason tell the full story - 13mins in)
    • Started by accident - 1-2 years ago decided that he wanted to start a reality show (hates reality TV)
    • He used his contacts to create To Be A Star - a reality based TV show focused on giving young people the opportunity to live out their dream as an artist.  Jason brought together top named experts in modeling, acting, singing, dancing, nutrition, etc. to create a full competitive program for selected entrants.  The original idea was to create a web series, but networks have responded so well that they are working to finalize the TV production of “To Be A Star.”
How do you take an idea and launch it into reality?
  • Write the idea out and create a business plan - get it clear in your mind before telling anyone about it - know every question that could come up.
  • Do leg work and know all the possibilities for that idea in the future.
  • If you believe in your idea and have proof of it’s effectiveness or a strong rational, it’s relatively easy to create buy in from others.
  • Build up a strong team - can do it alone, but it’s much easier with the team.
  • All situations are different - you can succeed in either.
You’re at the VP level in Corporate America - how did you get to a VP level at such a young age?
  • I don’t care what the job description says...I apply for jobs I may not be qualified for, but I assert myself and stretch - challenging myself to grow and evolve in new ways each time.  
  • Don’t feel like you have to go according to plan - go for the next level and work your ... off to grow into that job and prove that you can not only handle it, but can exceed all expectations laid out.
What is the difference on a daily basis of what you do for Javelin (VP of Client Strategy) and what you do for Le Mas?
  • Javelin and Le Mas are similar and complement one another (hear the full description at 23 mins in).
  • Growing the business by flying all over the country to build networks and meet clients in their arena and see how we can provide value
  • Client Strategy to build marketing campaigns
  • Agency Strategy - brand building internally
  • So there is a similar vibe between what I’m doing both in Corp and with Le Mas.
Final words...

He was hired directly into that VP role due to past experience and success.  Success is a snowball effect...keep the ball rolling and conquer one great goal after another.
We all market ourselves on a day to day basis... this is a game.  Dress for the position you want and go out there and get it.  Take it and set your focus on what you want!

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly that success is a snowball effect. The hard part is getting that first tiny snowball made...

    Fred | O'Malley Hansen Communications