Interview # 14: Amos Winbush III - Recording Artist Solves a Problem and Ends Up Creating a Company with 2011 Project Revenue of $89 mil in only its 3rd year.

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Founder and CEO, CyberSynchs (syncing your data across all platforms - awesome!)
Inc. Magazine’s “30 Under 30” - Coolest Young Entrepreneurs
Black Enterprise’s “Innovator of the Year” 2010
Entrepreneur Magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” 2010
Connect with Amos:
Twitter - @cybersynchs
Before being named as one of the top young entrepreneurs in America, Amos was following another passion; music.  For years Amos Winbush III was writing and recording music, building a successful career opening for the likes of Erykah Badu, Joe and Carl Thomas, and others.  Much like many young leaders, he was following a passion and finding great success.  By chance, one day his smart phone died and he lost all his contacts and data.  That night he went to sleep frustrated and irritated that there was nothing he could do to retrieve them.  He awoke the next day after experiencing a remarkable dream about this capablility to sync all of his data on all of his gadgets at anytime, thereby never losing another piece of info again.  This dream was so vivid, the vision was so real, that he sprung into action immediately - one of the main characteristics of a young leader - action!  He began researching and found that no such technology existed.  Not being from a technical background, Amos knew he needed help in creating this technology.  He put an ad on craigslist and within 2 months of his original dream, Amos was working with his new CTO and several programmers to create the beta version of what is now CyberSynchs flagship product.  A few months later, at a conference where he was presenting the demo product, he was approached by executives at Sun Microsystems.  That presentation landed Amos a partnership with Sun and he has been expanding their market penetration ever since.  In 2009, CyberSynchs had $2 mil in Revenue.  Amos is projecting $89 mil for 2011.  A vision with calculated action behind it is now inspiring young leaders across the globe to dream big.  You’ve got to watch the full interview.
Top 10 Takeaways from Our Interview...

  • Don’t be Afraid - “The word Fear does not stand next to the word Success” - you have to be fearless to be successful
  • Love what you are doing and it won’t feel like work
  • Affirmation - Project what you want in your life into the Now and it will come to pass
  • Others are likely having the same problem you are; create a solution and build a business around it - Be courageous enough to create something different
  • Don’t let your background dictate your success (Amos was not from a technical background - yet he - like many successful leaders do - surrounded himself with people who knew how to do what he needed done)
  • Work tirelessly to launch - (Amos and his small team spent 2 months working 16 - 18 hour days to create the first beta product of CyberSynchs).
  • Learn the term “Deferred Salary” - if you don’t have funding at the beginning offer your team a deferred salary for the first year
  • If Amos Wrote a Start Up Book - here are 3 components:
    • 1. Just Do It - don’t analyze so much
    • 2. Have a phenomenal plan and strategy for the business
    • 3. Don’t waste time on a formal business plan - jot down what you want the company to be - the plan will change many times
  • Try not to do everything yourself - find great people who can pick up your slack - diverse group of talents (not all the same as you)
  • Idea to Action: 
    • 1) Write down the idea, 
    • 2) Research how you can implement the idea 
    • 3) Find the right people 
    • 4) Set the expectation of what your company will be 
    • 5) Continuous research

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