Interview #15: Matt Cheuvront - Living Life Less Restricted

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Co-Founder and Chief Web Guru @ Proof Branding Inc.
Founder of “Life Without Pants” blog
  • Worked as Field Account Coordinator/Mgr for The Buntin Group
  • Internet Marketing Developer for North Shore Pediatric Therapy
  • Then decided to start his own marketing/advertising firm called MattChevy
  • Joined with Sam Davidson (founder of Cool People Care) to create Proof Branding.
  • Life without Pants
Connect with Matt:
Matt Cheuvront joined corporate America right out of college, but always knew there was something more for him.  He started a simple blog to share some thoughts about life, and has now grown a following of several thousand people.  Life Without Pants depicts a world with less restrictions and encourages out of the box thinking; just the way Gen Y likes it.  While still working in corporate America, Matt took freelance projects as a web designer with friends and family.  He began making more money on his own, than in his job.  When his company unexpectedly fired him, Matt decided to take the opportunity to start his own web design business.  He wrote a blog post the next day entitled “A Slave for the Day Giveaway” and received hundreds of responses.  This was the start of his first company - MattChevy.  He could only do so much as MattChevy so in late 2010 he collaborated with Cool People Care founder Sam Davidson to launch Proof Branding - a full service agency (design, social media, marketing, etc.).  He has found that collaboration can be very rewarding.  Matt is a humble guy who appreciates the support of his followers.  He has a lot of great insights and is one to connect with - no matter who you are. 

Top 10 Takeaways from Our Interview...

Top 10 Takeaways from Our Interview
  • The Path of Success is Hard Work 
    • You have to work more to work less 
  • Step out of your comfort zone and admit that you don’t know everything
  • Build up your network - a community
    • Go up to speakers or guests at an event and invite them to coffee or lunch - build a relationship with them.
    • Surround yourself with “successful” people
  • Start Now - “baby steps with an occasional leap”
  • Don’t quit your job the second you have this great idea...have a plan of action first and be realistic
  • Starting a blog is a good way to gain web experience and grow your expertise in a certain arena - can be put on a resume and referenced in an interview
  • Consistency as a blogger is key - people expect good and regular content - be transparent
  • Be active in the communities you want to be an expert in and want to gain a following in - read other blogs, comment, blog on trends and current topics of concern
  • Team is exponentially better than doing it alone 
    • Finding a Partner:
      • Not easy
      • Matt and his partner, Sam were not best friends when they started Proof - they were doing great things alone, could do even better together
      • One person cannot depend on the other - must be equally valuable
  • In this day and age there is no set path - you don’t have to climb the ladder and follow the example of previous generations who went to school, then college, then moved their way up in corporate America. 


  1. Great video and equally great points to ponder. It just goes to show that having patience, being engaging, and thinking out of the box can really help you go places in today's liberal world.

  2. That was an interesting video to watch and equally interesting post to read. The most important thing for marketers - or anyone for that matter - to remember is what's at the top of those interview takeaways. Even in this day and age, nothing beats good old fashioned hard work.