Interview #16: Dr. Kevin Brennan - “Psychologist to Young Professionals”

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Clinical Psychologist, Partner at Behavioral and Neuropsychological Consultants, LLP  
Practices in both NY and NJ
Chief contributor to Your So-Called Life: A Guide to Boys, Body Issues, and Other Big-Girl Drama You Thought You Would Have Figured Out by Now
Contributed to online magazines, print magazines (Time Out New York)
Psychological expert on the THRISIS
Regularly holds speaking engagements for young professionals and seminars for businesses for their YP workforce.
Connect with Dr. Kevin:
Dr. Kevin is officially the coolest, most insightful psychologist in the northeast region.  His practice focuses primarily on helping young professionals navigate through life’s toughest questions about relationships, career, passion, purpose and more.  He differentiated himself early on by going directly into a doctorate program when his peers were settling for a masters and “seeing what happens.”  He then took a unique path by accepting a full time position instead of simply doing “post doc.”  Then he applied for hospital administration positions before being licensed.  These few steps helped him stand out from the crowd and become a sought-after psychologist in his industry.  By carving out the young professional niche, he has positioned himself to make a real difference for the new generation.  He takes a few minutes with us to shed light on the most common issues we are all facing and helps us understand life in a completely different way.  Listen to the interview and then visit Dr. Kevin’s site to start answering questions like: How do I take action when there is so much fear?  Can I really be a leader?  What is my passion in life?  Is this my career?  Why do I feel like this?  Do I need therapy?  What is therapy?  How do I find Mr./Mrs. Right?  Is he/she the one? I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life; is it too late?  How do I change my bad habits?  Dr. Kevin is the leading Psychologist who can help you find these answers.  Click Read More to watch the full interview and check out our 
Top 10 Takeaways from Dr. Kevin’s interview...

  • Confidence is knowing you can, even if you don't know how.  
  • Always place yourself in the world a couple steps ahead of where you are comfortable. 
  • Constantly throw yourself into new experiences - the worst that can happen is you learn from any mistakes made and along the way you’ll meet some really great people.  So get out there!
  • At the same time, live in the present.  Sit back for a minute, take a breath, use your senses and realize that there is stuff going on around you.
  • We literally have 2 “selves” inside us - the “parent side” and the “no-consequence side.”  Only a very few of us have a unified self.  This doesn’t mean you’re crazy, it’s just the way we are.
  • There is a psychological tie among all Millennials.  It is not just the age that unites us, but we have much of the same make up.
  • “We are the most psychologically aware generation in the history of man, so that changes everything. We ask why, which makes us more conscious of our impact on others and the world, and makes us out fo the box, more than in it.  There won't be a box after us.  The downfall: over thinking, over worrying, paralysis, and arrogant narcissism.”
  • We work better with simplistic positive and negative consequences in life
  • There is a major difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist.  Surprisingly the psychologist is more of the expert in psycho therapy going through 4-6 years of intense training while a psychiatrist is more medically focused with only 1-2 years of psycho therapy training.
  • Interested in Psychology?
    • You will need grad school to work as a psychologist
    • Choose a school that focuses highly on therapy (not research).  
    • Read philosophy, not just psychology.  Become at peace with yourself.  
    • Get someone to pay for school, because you don't make money as a shrink for at least 4-5 years post grad.


  1. People generally misunderstood these tow terms psychologist and psychiatrist. Hope your sharing will help people to get it right.

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  2. Yes, it's an important distinction. Thanks for watching the interview and pointing that out.

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