Interview #7. Jonathan Collazo: Turning a Vision into Hard Work to Build Up a Strong Local Community

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Part Owner at Eylor Lendez
Business Manager at Hope Center Arts
Founder and adviser of the Urban Entrepreneurial Council 

Freelance Business Counselor

Connect with Jonathan:
Twitter: @JonColla

One of the most passionate, well-spoken young leaders around, Jonathan Collazo is working hard to affect positive change in his local community.  A business and social entrepreneur, Jonathan is using his leadership abilities and unique innovative mind to empower the city of Newark, NJ.  As a member of the Urban Entrepreneurial Council (UEC), Jonathan is working to shift the perspective of Newark to a growing city filled with possibilities.  Using the arts and mentorship programs, Jonathan is finding much success with this vision.

Jonathan is currently involved in multiple initiatives, but his passion is leading within the UEC.  Check out the full interview to hear how they are making great progress in Newark communities.  
Jonathan says that leadership is all about influence - there are natural born traits that make others gravitate to a leader.  Where a manager is positional, a leader gains his following from influence and caring.  Knowledge is one thing, but influence can change the world.
Jonathan talks about having a vision, but that vision must be backed up with:
  1. Focus
  2. Discipline
  3. Hard work
Bonus insight: Think differently - you have to be creative with your solutions.  Don’t be limited by conventional thinking and problem solving...do things differently and great things will happen.
On Daily activity Jonathan is keen on having a task list to make sure his priorities are covered, but is also flexible with his schedule.  Being an entrepreneur means every day brings something new - adapting and being flexible is key.
His final thought is:
Focus on solutions.  Think positively and positive things will happen.  Don’t always focus just on the hurdles that are ahead, but about how you can use those obstacles to make positive things happen in your life and for those around you.
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