Sit in the Chair #3: 4 Ways to Be More Productive and Love Your Work

Expert advice from a Sr. Director of a Fortune 500 Company (name withheld for privacy reasons)

1. Shorten the List - Do less, but More:
Many of his team members used to put 10-15 tasks on their daily To-Do list with the intention of getting more done.  They attempted throughout the day to look busy and would say "look at all this stuff on my To-Do list, I'm 'doing' so much."  They were right; they were "doing" a lot, but yet they weren't producing results.  So he instructed them to simply "Shorten their list" and focus on doing 2 or 3 tasks thoroughly, instead of 10 half - heartedly.  Within a month, the productivity of the entire team shot up.

2. Have a Strategy for Life (personally and professionally): 
Much like a game of chess, we should move forward on our “career path” with calculated steps.  In order to achieve our goals in lifewe should have a vision from the starting line of where we will end up.  This will make every day more meaningful and productive as we focus on a specific destination.

3. Understand the Company's Strategy:
This will help you realize your purpose and why you are doing each daily task.  Our generation needs to understand the “why” behind our expectations.  Doing so will increase our employment satisfaction, engagement, and overall productivity.  As long as you feel like what you are doing is contributing to the greater good, while also adding value to your career, than it makes sense to stay and grow with that company. 

4. Bursts of Productivity:
At Google, employees are given 20% of their day to work on personal projects.  Same is true for W.L. Gore, and several others around the country.  The idea is to allow employees to sprint for a time, then rest, then sprint again and rest, and so on.  This methodology is increasing personal and corporate productivity and is a good model for us.  Take 30 minutes to work at 110% efficiency, and then take 10 minutes to relax and work on something personal.  Then hit another 30 minute sprint.  We’ll all be in good shape in no time!

Try these out and let us know which one makes you the happiest at work.