Learning to Be a Leader, even when you're not in a "Leadership Position" - Community-Driven Leadership

I am a strong believer that anyone has the capability of being a “leader.”  In everything a person does, he or she has the ability to create and manifest a vision and put action behind it to achieve a better result. From the clerk to the executive, from the analyst to the partner, we all have the capacity of “leadership” within our own little realm of responsibility.
  Think of the cashier who finds a way to scan and bag all of her customer’s groceries in a fraction of the average time.  She has developed a system - a vision - and she shares it with her team mates to help boost the productivity of the entire team.  This is a “leader.”  She is not the VP, or the Director, or the Manager, or even the Supervisor.  She is a proud Cashier who takes pride in what she does and envisioned a solution. 
happiness is just around the corner.
Isn’t it time to redefine the word “Leader?”

That is the kind of “leadership” we want to spread.  Lord Digby Jones, who worked under Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, says that in today’s world, we need “community leadership” or “bottom-up leadership.”  Real change will come from those in the trenches.  No longer can we count solely on Top-down leadership and look to positional leaders for all the answers.  We must engage in a grassroots “leadership” movement to build up the every-day “leaders” into an army of passionate, altruistic, superstars ready to act and make a real difference.  Is this just bs and a bunch of fluff?  Absolutely not.  Start talking to a young professional about mentorship and their vision for the future and you’ll be blinded by the glow.  This is not a fairy tale, this is right now and it’s the best reality show out there - your real life.  You make the decision - it’s not about them making a decision and you just following blindly.  It’s about you understanding and taking on the strategy of your company (your own or the company you work for), and building a clear, tangible vision as a “leader” in your own realm.  With that vision you start taking immediate action to bring together the right resources, passion, and people to manifest your vision.  A leader once told me that you need to strategize your path - whether it be your career, your company, your family.  We are all different and have separate ways of doing this, but find your strategy, find your vision, put your big girl or boy pants on, and start living your life as a “leader.”  If you do,