Inspired to Action: Ways Young Leaders Can Help Japan - an Overview

Inspired to Action: Ways You, as a Young Leader can help Japan

We here at GYL (Generation Young Leaders) have been planning for a late-April launch.  However, after {sitting} and watching the devastation in Japan unravel for several hours over the last 2 days, we feel we must take action and help get people involved in relief efforts.  As you probably know by now, #Japan was rocked by a massive 8.9 earthquake (5th strongest in history) on Friday followed by a brutal #tsunami that has left hundreds dead, thousands homeless, and an unknown number of missing people.  At times like this, we may feel powerless.  Together though, we can unite to support those in desperate need.  GYL is all about inspiring young people to action.  Large or small, community action joined together creates a powerful force.

We cannot possibly understand the force and destruction behind these earthquakes, aftershocks, and tsunami, but as the most altruistic and service-oriented generation in history (Gen Y, Millennials), we do empathize.  We do have a desire to get involved and give in any possible way we can.  So one way we can help is to spread the word of possible ways to take *action* and get involved with Japan Relief.  
Here are the options scattered across the web.  Because most organizations are unclear of exactly how much relief will be needed as the disaster continues, the best thing to do from afar is to donate money to reputable organizations.  We suggest visiting each organization’s site below to see how they are engaging.  Then choose which one you connect with, reach out and give what you can.  
Please comment and tell us of other ways we can get involved to help.  Share your thoughts of what this means to you and your ideas for action.
Donate Money and Time to organizations who are launching relief efforts:  each link will lead you to the organization’s relief page.
    1. The Red Cross: together with Help Attack! - sign up here to donate a certain amount per post on Facebook or Twitter - using social media to provide relief - learn more or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.  SXSW4Japan - looking to raise $20k - Donations go to The Red Cross #SXSW4Japan
    2. Save the Children: together with Zynga - click the link to donate or play any of Zynga’s games (Cafe World, CityVille, FrontierVille, FarmVille, YoVille, Zynga Poker, Words With Friends and zBar) and donate within the game.  100% of gaming purchases goes to Save the Children’s Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Children Emergency Fund.
    3. International Medical Corps: together with GroupOn learn more or text MED to 80888 to donate $10
    4. The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, learn more or text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10
    5. Salvation Army: learn more or text JAPAN to 80888 to donate $10
    6. Doctors Without Borders: click the link to learn about their efforts and donate
    7. AmeriCares: learn more or donate
    8. ShelterBox: learn more or donate
    9. MercyCorps - Peace Winds Japan: learn more or donate
    10. Operation USA: Donate online at, by phone at 1.800.678.7255 or, by check made out to Operation USA, 3617 Hayden Ave, Suite A, Culver City, CA 90232.  Corporate donations of bulk quantities of disaster-appropriate supplies are also being requested. Air miles can also be donated to Operation USA through United Airlines Charity Miles program at
    11. PayPal: Transaction Fees credited to any non-profit org
    12. World Vision: learn more or text 4JAPAN to 20222 to donate $10
    13. Convoy of Hope: Faith based org - learn more or text TSUNAMI to 50555 to give
    14. Habitat for Humanity: learn more or donate
    15. Other: Find other organizations through InterAction’s relief page

Thanks to The Huffington Post, Yahoo, TIME, NetHope, CNN and many others for keeping us informed on how we can take action.

Other resources: 
  1. Facebook’s Global Disaster Relief: Find easy ways to get involved when disaster strikes around the country.
  2. Google Crisis Response page: Crisis Numbers, People Finder, Alarm & Warning, Disaster Message Boards, Transportation Status, Blackout info, Maps
  3. Microsoft Response Page: What they are doing to help and how you can get involved.
  4. AidMatrix: Awesome donation/volunteer management system to help connect you to non-profit organizations that need your help.
  5. Mobile Giving Organization:  Helping organizations set up donation-by-text campaigns.
  6. Vonage: Use Vonage to call Japan and they will waive your per-minute rate from 3/11-3/18.
  7. NetHope - collaboration of 32 organizations working together to affect change around the world
  8. Crisis Commons - Register to Volunteer
Making a difference:

I’m sitting here with an heavy dose of the chills as I watch Secret Millionaire.  We have so many opportunities to be an inspiration to those around us; to help make another person’s life better.  By giving our time, our attention, our love, our compassion, and our selves, we build a stronger community and enrich the lives of those around us.  As tonight's Secret Millionaire, Dani Johnson says, “You don’t need to make a lot of many to make an impact in your community.  Give a smile, give a hug, Give What You Got!”  

Thanks for being an inspiration!  Have fun Giving!

Please pass this on to inspire others to Action.  

Question to Comment On: What else can we do as young people to help in times of crisis?


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