Interview #18: Jess Rainer - Sheds Light on America's Largest Generation in His New Book, "The Millennials."

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Co-Author - “The Millennials: Connecting to America’s Largest Generation.” Buy a copy here.
Administrative Pastor - Grace Church
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Twitter @JessRainer
From banking professional to author and entrepreneur, Jess has aligned himself with his passions and is on a roll.  He had an idea for a book about his generation “The Millennials” and was bold enough to approach his dad, visionary author, Thom Rainer (Simple Church), and push for it.  After interviewing 1200 millennials, asking about priorities, conflicts, obstacles, likes, dislikes, reactions, technology, social media, religion, family, career and more,  Jess and his dad present their findings in this timely, relevant new book.  He takes a minute with us to shed light on the data that surprised him most and helps us understand who we are as a generation.

Jess is also part of a team launching a new church, Grace Church, with a different approach on reaching the community - more of an outward, “missional” focused.  His innovative ideas are bringing in a younger generation along with the unchurched/dechurched that have been slowly moving away from religion and spirituality.  Grace Church officially launches on April 17, 2011. 
Top 10 Takeaways:
  • If you are doing what you love, it is not work.  So find what you love and do it.
  • Proper Planning Leads to Greater Action
    • Don’t over-think - Act
  • It’s important to allow people to support (more continual basis) and give (one time) to you
  • Difference between Spirituality and Religion
    • Millennials are very spiritual - looking for something beyond themselves
    • They are not interested in the organized church
    • Only 15-20% are Christians - only 6% are active Christians
  • Millennials want to know the “why” behind things - what does it mean for me and what is the point of (____).
  • Research shows that Millennials want to live beyond themselves.  We need to do something greater in the future.  We are not content with the status quo.
  • Millennials are the largest generation in history.
    • Typical Millennial is not married - having kids later on in life - and only 1 or 2 if that
    • Most educated generation in history
    • Not religious
    • Not as green as is perceived
    • Not as financially knowledgable as we need to be
  • Millennials (61%) say that family is their #1 priority in life - committed and connected
    • Friends (25%) are #2
    • Education is #3
    • Career is #4
  • Millennials desire mentors to be successful (goes back to how involved our parents were in our lives growing up).
    • Experience outweighs age
  • Difference between belief and faith - tough to distinguish
    • Belief - people can believe in a lot of things
    • Faith - truly giving yourself to the one/thing you believe in
Reach out and connect with Jess anytime on Twitter @JessRainer.