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Today we launch GYL!  We have been waiting for the right moment, and after a few days of watching the Japan disaster, we knew now was the time to introduce Generation Young Leaders and encourage all young people to get involved.  We are Inspired to Action and we hope you are too.

See the next posting to see how you get help Japan.

GYL is a Leadership Movement focused on redefining the word "Leader."  This is not Top-Down Leadership, it is community driven where everyone has the capability to become a leader.  Check out this post for more details.

Click Interviews to hear from Young Leaders who are taking incredible action to change the world around them.  We are looking to interview 100 Young Leaders in 2011.

We are excited to welcome you to GYL.  Come back often to hear more stories, get expert advice, find a mentor from our Leadership experts (coming soon), network with other young leaders, and be inspired to make a difference in the world around you.  Spread the word and help build up the future generation of leaders.

Thank you!

-Dwight, Founder of GYL

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