March is SOCIAL MEDIA Month!

We are excited to announce our GYL themes!  Each month we will have a specific theme to make it easier to get the most out of the content we provide. 

*March is SOCIAL MEDIA month* 

All posts will be focused on making you more effective as a leader in your social network.  We will go after social media experts and get their insights and tips on creating a powerful personal brand.

We are dedicated to your success as a young leader. 

March Challenge: Comment and Share...
  • What is working for you in social media?

  • Which social media expert are you following these days?

  • Any specific questions, issues, or ideas you have regarding social media.
Thanks for sharing.  Here’s to your success!


  1. I'm excited to hear how young people can develop their leadership skills using social media.

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  2. Do you have an update on this? It is always interesting to see young people at work in social media. As we all know, the demography of most social networks are teens and young adults. I assure they are the best when it comes to harvesting these social media sites' power.


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