Sit in the Chair #2 - Pointers on Creating Opportunities for Yourself

We are fortunate enough to sit down with successful leaders on a regular basis.  From VPs and Directors in Fortune 500 companies, to CEOs of start ups to mid-sized companies, to coaches, and more.  We are seeking out the mentors you want to hear from.  We pass the advice they give us on to you in our "Sit in the Chair" segments.

Albert Lewis (name changed for privacy reasons)
Top Take-aways

  • Prove yourself - when opportunities come up or you see a shift in your business, push really hard for a period of time - much like a sprint - to prove your worth in that area.  This extra effort will go a long way towards you reaching your goals.  Whether you get the promotion or not, or land the big deal, or obtain whatever you are striving for, people will take notice and reward you in time.
  • Create opportunities for yourself - then it's not about luck, it's about your due diligence and effort at the right time.
  • There is only so much you can do to help people.  The rest is up to them.  Most people will not react to what you are doing, so focus on the ones who do - find out what they need, find out what they want and give it to them in a way that differentiates you and provides them with the most value.
  • Once you grasp the principles of personal leadership, instill them into others and spread your influence.  Let others see you Live it, and in time they will get it.
  • Lead by example: Albert learned what not to do from some of his past leaders.
  • Take on the leadership style of those you admire.  Mold it into your own style to become even more effective.
    • Example: Albert was really strict with meetings, his counterpart was meeting his team more casually, at the water cooler or in the hall or at their office or cubicle.  It was laid back and relaxed and helped build stronger relationships

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