5 Steps to Finding a Mentor Online

These 5 Steps were inspired by this conversation with Amos Winbush III, CEO of Cyber Synchs (see his interview here - #14)

     Create a Plan of Action

1.  Make a List - check it twice
Write down 10 people you admire and would love to talk to.  Go on...dream big and write down the names of people you are thinking of right now - the CEO, top exec, the person who holds the position you are dying to have.  Want to be the VP of Programming at Comedy Central?  Why not add that individual to your list?  Who would know how to get there better than the individual who is there now?  Once you have the "big guy" list, think through the realistic possibilities and refine it a bit.  It may be a challenge to reach certain people in top positions, so you may have to connect with people around them instead.  Maybe you can't connect with the VP of Programming at Comedy Central, but perhaps a director or a manager on his or her team can offer you key advice and valuable guidance.

If you have 30 names, narrow them down to 10 and prioritize them.