Learning from the Best - An Interview with Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh

Tony Hsieh: CEO of Zappos - Author of "Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose" - General Manager of Venture Frogs, LLC.  LinkedIn Profile

We had the opportunity to connect with Tony to get his insights on entrepreneurship, company culture, and success.  Here is an abbreviated version of that conversation.

GYL: Many Millennials would love to learn how to become a leader in the ways you have, can you give us an inside look into your success path?  In other words, what ignited the dream and what were the pivotal points in your success path?

Tony: I think the key is to just keep doing a lot of things and over time you'll gain your 10,000 hours of experience - but you need the 10,000 hours to be doing different things in different situations so you're constantly learning.