In the future, people are going to say something about us, in 10-15 years they are going to say something about this moment, this time.  We have the opportunity - right now - to write that script.  We have the opportunity in our little world to be the ones who changed things for the greater good.  We, at GYL, want to encourage you to embrace that and take advantage of it.  Be bold and take action!

My name is Dwight Braswell.  Currently, an MBA student studying what makes a successful young leader.  We interview and profile young leaders so we can pass on their skills, knowledge, and unique traits to up and coming leaders.  This is a research project with 3 phases.

You are looking at Phase 1:
Phase 1: Research and Awareness - looking to interview 100 young leaders and build up a network of people who care about this cause.
Phase 2: Development of the Curriculum - Taking the knowledge and insights from Phase 1, we will create programs to help develop young leaders.
Phase 3: Implementation - we will go into high schools, colleges, organizations, churches, etc and implement GYL programs.  This includes Forums with some of our featured young leaders, seminars, conferences, and a national organization all focused on developing young leaders.

At the beginning of 2008 I was in HBO's "The Pacific."  During the shoot on Iwo Jima, it was clear that many of the leaders on that battle field were under 30, if not under 20.  Why is it that in the military and in sports young people are thrown into leadership positions, yet in corporate America, they aren't given that opportunity until years and years of experience?

There is something unique in the people we are interviewing here.  Something that may just be able to be taught.  It is our mission to find that in each person and then expand on that to help other young people find it.  Generation Young Leaders is about giving young people the opportunity to find their true leadership potential and then encouraging them to take action with that.

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