Start Here - Video Challenge

The perfect way to get started at GYL!  We kickoff each interview with a challenge to loosen up our guests.  Watch them fight for answers on the spot.
We call this our Word Association Challenge:

  • 2 words given (e.g. Structure or Flexibility)
  • The Leader tells us which they prefer and why
  • Uncut - Off the cuff!
  • Fun, educational, and totally amazing! 

(want to see more?  after you watch these short clips, click on the name for his/her full profile and interview)

Interview #19: Christian Brucculeri

Interview #18: Jess Rainer

Interview #17: Stephanie Kaplan

Interview #16: Dr. Kevin Brennan

Interview #15: Matt Cheuvront

Interview #14: Amos Winbush III

Interview #13: Kyle Lacy

Interviews #11 & 12: Kassidy & Ryan Brown

Interview #10: Jason Metz

Interview #9: Kyle Jasey

Interview #8: Victor Ng

Interview #7: Jonathan Collazo

Interview #6: Daniel Akivis

Interview #3: Ben Aronson

Which word do you prefer?

Structure or Flexibility
Corporate or Entrepreneurship
Work or Life
Plan or Action
Leader or Manager
Initiate or Participate
Give or Support
LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter
Present or Future

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