Y Gen Y

Good question - it all started with this thesis...grab some Starbucks, click the link, and read a page or two:

(Generation Young Leaders is based on the research and findings noted in this thesis and acts as a continuation of the same.)

....More Interesting Facts....

-In January 2011 the first members of the Baby Boomer Generation (born 1946-1964, 26% of the population or 80 mil strong)* turned 65 years old. In the next 5 to 10 years they will start retiring at a rapid rate, thus, leaving their leadership positions vacant for the next generation (The 2020 Workplace, Meister & Willyerd). 

- Gen X (born 1965-1976, 15% or 46 mil)* does not have the numbers to fill this gap. 

- Gen Y (aka Millennials - born 1977-1997, 30% or 92 mil)* is going to have to step up and take on a majority of these positions. By 2014 they will already represent 47% of the workforce (U.S. Bureau of Labor). *Generation data pulled from the U.S. Census Bureau’s recent American Community Survey 

- The Problem:  The majority of managers and employers believe that young people are incapable of leadership (Bruce Tulgan, Ron Aslop, MSNBC).  Only a few companies are now offering promising Leadership/Mentorship Programs to help develop their young employees entering the workplace (Deloitte, Cisco, GE).  This misconception makes it hard for Generation Y to fulfil their potential in the work place.  This could also be a factor in the 46% unemployment rate by Gen Y.  We don't want to work in an environment where we don't have the clear opportunity to grow, develop, and lead in the future.  Many of us have decided to avoid corporate America all together and have started a business.  This perspective can even block this avenue as young entrepreneurs fight to be taken seriously. 

Obviously, this jaded perspective must change in order for us to truly get what we want out of life.  How much easier would success be if other generations were fighting for our dreams instead of standing in the way.  The Race to 200 is a beginning step to acheive this change.

-The Mission: We will listen to and collaborate with established leaders to develop more effective Leadership/Mentorship Programs for the next generation of young leaders.  The purpose of The Race to 200 is to build a knowledge base of what makes a successful young leader, so we can more effectively build future programs.

- What you will find here: We are looking for 100 Young Leaders to profile on this site.  Through their experience and extensive research about our generation, we will be able to effectively create Leadership/Mentorship Programs to implement in high schools, universities, organizations, and corporations across the US.  You will also find research findings, survey results, articles, and columns from leadership experts.  So come back often with your leadership stories and soak up the many resources provided. 

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